One powerful, sustainable formula
When you see the BIOQUEST symbol, you are assured of a product that is certified as safe and green.

It means the products have been certified as biodegradable and dermatologically tested.

In fact, we go above and beyond what is required by local regulations in Australia and New Zealand, testing not only individual ingredients but the complete formula of all our laundry, surface and dish products.

Our cleaning products are formulated to reduce the chance of causing allergies or irritations. When you purchase an AMWAY HOME product with the Bioquest symbol, you are benefitting from products that are concentrated and contain more active ingredients than diluting agents.

That means you don't need to use as much to get a great result. That means we don't have to package and ship as much to keep you fully stocked with a great product.

You save money and we get to enjoy running a highly sustainable, environmentally conscious business.

That's a win for you, a win for us and a big win for the environmental protection of our planet.