Advanced cooking technology

A functional, well-designed set of cookware is essential for anyone who cares about their food and their lifestyle. Manufactured from premium grade surgical stainless steel, iCook® represents the latest advancement in healthy cooking. Plus, its advanced technology, ergonomic comfort and stylish design make it easier for you to cook with flair and imagination.


    VITALOK is exclusive to the iCook Cookware range. By creating a moisture seal between the cookware and the lid, your food retains one-third more nutrients and flavour. A simple spin of the lid locks in flavour, colour and goodness to make your meals even more delicious.
    Ever had a pot or pan that seems to always have a 'hot spot' where food sticks and burns? OPTITEMP means there’s no such thing as a hot spot with iCook® Cookware. The multi-ply construction features high-grade steel and a fully encapsulated aluminium base to improve heat distribution by over 92%, no matter what type of cook top you use. Cook quickly and evenly over medium to low temperatures, saving time and energy.
    Fried foods usually come with the added guilt of all those extra fats in the pan. The DURAMIC surface on all iCook frypans is the toughest, most durable, non-stick coating in the world. No need to add oil or butter, as food just slides right off. And cleaning is a lot easier too!
    Save space on the stove with stack cooking. The OPTITEMP bases in each piece of iCook Cookware conducts and distributes heat so efficiently you can stack cook an entire meal on just one burner! Place larger pans with roasts and stews at the bottom, and as the VITALOK seal forms on each lid you can stack your smaller pans on top as needed. You'll be amazed at how much more you can get done with your iCook Cookware collection!